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Catering Industry

Catering Industry

Catering Industry

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Shisa Food Stands

Food Stands

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Catering Industry

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In South Africa and throughout Africa, Informal Trading makes up a huge part of job creation and in-turn food hawking makes up a huge part of this informal economy. At present there are no decent, affordable, portable 'stands' for the informal traders to operate from. Shopping trolleys, beer crates and rickety tables come to mind when seeing these traders out there.


We have designed a portable, formal, multi purpose trader stand that has the potential to evolve into a sustainable 'vehicle' for the informal traders around South Africa, Africa and the world to operate from.


A portable, simple and effective stand for any street vendor to operate from. A customisable stand to suite the hawkers products, budgets and and styles.

Shisa Food Stands -

A simple affordable “business in a bag”

Employment Initiatives

The stands we have for either food vending or product sales look brilliant and has credibility as a Trader Stand - wether selling food, bags or airtime - it is a place of business for any Entrepreneur.


The stand is a strong,  collapsible and will fit into a purpose made bag - which folds out, to double as signage for the entrepreneurs enterprise.


The food stands use a double gel fuel stove for easy cooking.


We have some great ideas for our ‘Mark II’ versions to make it lighter and easier to transport, adding Solar Panels, Shelving, Lockable Back,  and a wheelie version.

The Stand

Double Gel Stove Incorporated in Stand

Sell hot foods around your neighbourhood, schools, taxi ranks, flea markets, sporting events, public parks, workplaces, sidewalks...


This Business in a Bag is easy to transport, set up & operate...

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STIX  Employment Initiatives

The informal food vending industry has needed a major overhaul for too long now, Shisa Afrika is proud to present an affordable, unique and empowering food Franchise opportunity.


Our simple and versatile food trolleys and stands will help create a new alternative employment initiative for hundreds of eager entrepreneurs in and around South Africa. The focus of our initiative is to create entrepreneur driven micro-businesses with a view to expand into a number of other market sectors by creating a recognised brand through a simple franchise model.


The concept is simple, affordable, manageable and greatly empowering to all of those who become a part of this new model of micro-franchising and micro-financing.


A typical Franchised food outlet is far too expensive for most people to afford or buy into, added to that the whole operation can be overwhelmingly technical, financially debilitating or too labour intensive. The STIX    franchise on the other hand is small, mobile, economical and it is easy to operate and manage.


With a low capital investment and operating costs, makes STIX a low risk business investment for almost any individual wanting to become their own boss and have their own business to invest in. The incorporation of Corporate Social Investment sponsorship for these entrepreneurs becomes a feasible financing option for many of the previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs.

Potential Earnings - Food Hawkers

X  20 per day

Cost              - R 3 per Hotdog

Sell               - R 12 per Hotdog

Gross Profit   - R 180 per Day


X  20 per day

Cost              - R 7 per Meal

Sell               - R 17 per Meal

Gross Profit   - R 200 per Day

Pap & Vleis

Below are 2 simple, yet realistic calculations for food hawkers potential earnings. If set up in the right place - exceeding 20 meals per day shouldn’t be too difficult.

A simple and easy to operate ‘franchise’ business model to implement within your organisation.


It is easy to monitor and you will be able to advise your members for maximum earnings.

Are you looking for employment opportunities for your members?

20 Hot Dogs per day
10 Cokes per day
Potential Earnings
per Day
R 210
per Month
R 4 620
per Year
R 55 440
@ R 9 Gross Profit per Hotdog
@ R 3 Gross Profit per Coke
Based on 22
days per Month
The calculations on the left are based on the following:
A simple financial projection for a typical food hawker selling